December 31, 2016

About the Artist

WU-LU -- or Miles Romans-Hopcraft, the South-London based producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist, will be in the building to deliver us from the ungodly grip of 2016, and into what we all hope will be a positive and all-people loving New Year.

His self-released debut EP, Ginga, combined J Dilla lo-fi vibes with just the right splash of psychedelic guitar in a way that made you question whether you even needed lemonade in the summer sun. Yes, you are reading this correctly - it was that refreshing. STOP. Moving on...

WU’s music is a series of ongoing experimentation delivered in the flesh, by the man, in walking-talking form. His Brixton doorstep influences, and the issues he experienced as a mixed race male living in London, are what drive his music forward and deliver the sweet eardrum nectar.

So on behalf of East Room, please do join us on Dec. 31st for a night of drinking, eating and WU-LU as we ring in the New Year.

Early Bird Entrance Fee: $75

Attire: Jacket & Tie (Remember you’re not the only person who might sleep with you.)

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