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50 Carroll Street
Toronto Ontario
M4M 3G3
416 628 5333

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Quarterly music performance series at East Room.

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At 11PM on June 9th, 2018, East Room invites you to join us in our basement venue for the first time ever. Recently taken over from 507 Antiques, we will be hosting Marvin and Valentino from Public Possession, Baba Stiltz, Samo DJ and Milch of Invisible City Records. RSVP Requests are available below. Requests will close at 5PM on Thursday, June 7th.

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About Room Service

Room Service is where top emerging talent can be exposed to a carefully curated list of Toronto’s diverse community. We typically choose artists that are on the forefront of the up and comers and are often showcasing their debut album. The space compliments more intimate events, perfect for our select audience.. The delegates are a combination of our community of members, as well as interested A&R’s, record label execs, industry insiders, fellow artists, family and friends.

Presented in partnership by East Room and Timberland.


Flow and Asahi

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