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50 Carroll Street
Suite 200
Toronto Ontario
M4M 3G3
416 628 5333

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Room Service is
a performance incubator
and monthly series

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About the Artist

By day, Shan Poo managed his family’s Thai restaurant until its recent closure in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. By night, he has been making wistful R&B tracks under the moniker BOYSLASHFRIEND, a name derived from the fact that he always seems to find himself in weird relationship “purgatory.” His 2013 EP Leather Weather was composed mostly of what he calls “sad, emo, bedroom songs,” documenting this grey area between friends and lovers. But on his debut album, Low Key, Shan strove for a more versatile sound, fit equally for the bedroom and the club. While a myriad of trendy R&B acts currently saturate the airstreams, Shan aspires to make classic songs that will still be enjoyed 20 years from now. Shan is keeping tabs on his most played songs online and working to produce what his fans love, rather than be “selfish” with his music. With his upcoming project being released early November, our Room Service crowd will be amongst the first to hear this new work: will he find love? Will he find himself? Stay tuned.

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About Room Service

Room Service is where top emerging talent can be exposed to a carefully curated list of Toronto’s creative community. We typically choose artists that are on the forefront of the up and comers and are often showcasing their debut album. The space itself compliments more intimate events (at a capacity of 300 people), with a social outreach of over 100,000 for each event. The delegates were a combination of our community of members, as well as interested A&R’s, record label execs, industry insiders, fellow artists, family and friends.

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